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"CHOOSE NOT to keep your eyes on what is wrong but PLACE your confidence and TRUST in the promise given in Romans 8:28."

"And we know, that ALL THINGS work together

for good to them that LOVE GOD."


I am so glad you are here!


Because I know that "GOOD INFORMATION leads to GOOD INSPIRATION", I hope you can get INSPIRED as you gather good information from this site, created just for you. I love helping leaders, teachers, and parents by sharing lesson helps and ideas and by assisting them in answering some of the harder questions in their callings.

A little about me... 

For several years I have owned a design company creating inspired and beautiful art that I love to share. Art lifts the soul and reminds me of the joy that Christ brings into my life because He is THE ARTIST, the master creator.  When creating, I often stop, kneel, and ask Heavenly Father for the Lord's grace to help me in the process of creating and that I believe that with His help I will be able to create better than I could ever create on my own! 


I am passionate also about studying the gospel and teaching and have a particular interest in the Principles of Righteousness and their impact on relationships. A recent highlight for me was teaching the Friday Devotional at the University of Utah Institute. I have spent much of my time studying the principles of TRUSTING God. As we learn the specific principles of TRUST and wait on Him, He can do all things according to His will and our heartfelt desires and confidence in Him. Then we can not only endure the trial, but learn and grow from it in miraculous ways. 


I have four creative children, one awesome husband, a hairless cat, and three grandchildren all who bring  JOY to my life and from whom I have learned so much!


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