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ABINADI / Mosiah 11 - 17

Updated: May 9, 2020

COME, FOLLOW ME / MAY 4 -10 / "A Light That Can Never Be Darkened"

What I like most about this week's Leader Reader Kit for Come, Follow Me?

There are two things that really stand out to me as far as the teachings and story of Abinadi. The first being that Abinadi was willing to stand for TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS even if it meant he would have to STAND ALONE!

I have experienced this for myself and I have also watched as my children had to do this very thing. Standing for truth when one's peers are members and they choose not to, seems to be even harder than standing for truth when those peers are not of the same faith. These experiences can be difficult but also life-changing and defining.

It is moments like these which I refer to as "Abinadi Moments" when we are tested to see if we will follow Jesus Christ by STANDING ALONE... which helps us gauge our courage, faith, and discipleship.

The other deeply personal lesson Abinadi was trying to teach King Noah's wicked priests had to do with having the COMMANDMENTS written on their HEARTS!

To be written on our HEARTS means we KNOW the commandments... we should KNOW THEM BY HEART and have them memorized. As my grandmother once tactfully shared with me... "APRIL, YOU CAN'T LIVE WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW."

Abinadi also taught that the commandments need to be "APPLIED TO OUR HEARTS TO UNDERSTANDING." When we know and understand the commandments, they will change our hearts and our lives. I just love the Commandments Written on our Hearts printables that go with this kit! You can make a banner and display all the hearts, have you kids color them first!

ENJOY this kit!

These links will take you to our google drive...

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DOWNLOAD, the printables for your Come, Follow Me studies!

PURCHASE, the worksheets and "His Commandments Written on Our Hearts Memory Game" and activity sheets HERE!

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