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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

HERE THEY ARE! As promised the prints and worksheets that GO WITH the Leader Reader Conference Kit! You can download both of them HERE.


1. Watch the Reader Leader Conference Kit together as a family.

2. Emphasize to your family whether watching it as a live broadcast or after, that "Conference is Like a Spiritual Gold Mine But We Must Do the Mining Process - {seek, search, dig deeper, pray over, and extract} if we are going to FIND those GOLDEN NUGGETS of TRUTH That Heavenly Father Has Intended Just For US!"

3. Give them the "Mining for Golden Nuggets" worksheets so they can listen with the intent to write down those words spoken at conference that are to be treasured by them over the next 6 months.

4. Decorate an area of your house with the Conference prints so this topic is front and center in their minds and hearts!

I envision you printing these up and decorating your tv or computer watching area in your house with them PRIOR to Conference so everyone is in their "MINING MODE" and looking and listening for those GOLDEN NUGGETS of TRUTH that Heavenly Father wants them to specifically hear. You can emphasize that a "Conference Golden Nugget of Truth" is something that most often helps them have cleaner hands and a purer heart. Conference is about helping us BECOME more like the LORD, and it is through having cleaner hands and purer hearts that we become CHRISTLIKE and a ZION people!

While the initial viewing of Conference is so important... the REAL MINING PROCESS takes place after, that is WHY this is a before, during and AFTER Conference Kit! Each week, you can watch one Conference talk together as a family and seek, search, dig, and EXTRACT those things from the talk that you need to TREASURE UP and write on your hearts so they BECOME part of you.

As His words enter into our hearts, AND NOT just our ears, we become more like HIM!

CHECK BACK frequently after Conference for additional worksheets which will help bring HIS WORDS shared at Conference, more fully into our HEARTS!

DOWNLOAD HERE the worksheets and printables. . .

DOWNLOAD HERE the Leader Reader - Conference Is Like Mining For Golden Nuggets of TRUTH -pdf


{Recently I was asked WHY I would create a site that would give away so much free content. . . I wrote back - "When you have recently lived in a hospital for 60 days and nights with your father - {several health complications after receiving a routine IV for an antibiotic}, you see how QUICKLY life can change! This ordeal was so very humbling - - - I think I will always experience a little post-traumatic stress disorder at the thought of even walking into a hospital!

My heartfelt desire and personal mission statement... "I DESIRE TO BE THE MEANS OF MUCH GOOD UNTO THIS GENERATION" became so intensified during that hospital stay, that I felt to make more of my work free for my sisters in the gospel... I have felt inspired to create a site where I could share free ideas and prints, BUT also and maybe more importantly, where I could share the PRINCIPLES of TRUSTING GOD when things go BAD! {Over the past 4 years, I have read almost every book out there on trusting God from all different faiths.} So in the near future, you will see posts here on how YOU can apply KEY PRINCIPLES of TRUST to your hard situations, and you too can experience an outpouring of prayers being answered and what I call 'micro miracles' - - When we do things GOD'S WAY, we can expect His HELP!

In the process of sharing, I hope my heart becomes a little more like a ZION heart, and that this will be a place where my sisters in the gospel will come to, as we together grow our TRUST IN GOD... A place of "GOOD INSPIRATION" which STRENGTHENS FAITH and brings PEACE, as well as a place to download good inspiring PRINTABLES! And, NOW YOU KNOW, WHY I want to share!}

Much love,


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